Rachel Dolezal Family Says She Lied About Brother’s Sex Abuse

Blackface-practicing former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal has been accused by her family of lying about her adopted brother’s sex abuse.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Rachel’s brother Joshua has a trial set for August, for allegedly sexually abusing a female sibling when she was six or seven years old.

Rachel’s mother tells PEOPLE that the alleged victim (now 20 and 19 years younger than Joshua) has “reactive attachment disorder,” a condition in which a child can’t bond with a parent or caregiver, and “seeks to cause trouble in the family.”

She suggests that the younger sister aligning with Rachel is a bad combination.

Ezra Dolezal, 22, one of Rachel’s adopted brothers, adds that Rachel made false statements about Joshua’s sex abuse.


“It’s more false statements,” says Ezra. “it’s a really horrible situation.”

Rachel and Josh “used to have a really good relationship, until Rachel decided to tear our family apart,” says Ezra as he recalled Rachel taking their parents to court in an effort to adopt another adopted brother, Isaiah.

That effort, Ezra says, was wrought with false accusations by Rachel levied against their parents.

“Josh called Rachel out on that and told her it was wrong what she did, taking my parents to court over my brother, and Rachel didn’t like that,” Ezra says. “Basically Rachel has been constantly trying to get at Josh since then.”

According to the report, Dolezal was contacted in September of 2013 about her adopted sibling’s claims. She told authorities that her sibling informed her about the abuse three months earlier, in June.

A Missouri social services caseworker, who interviewed the alleged victim, concluded that “there was no basis for the allegations” and “unsubstantiated.”

Rachel Dolezal Family Says She Lied About Brother's Sex Abuse

Rachel Dolezal made headlines after it was revealed that she was a white woman practicing blackface and identifying herself as a black woman for at least ten years. Ironically she sued Howard University for anti-white racial discrimination in 2002.

Rachel was on TODAY this morning telling Matt Lauer that she “identifies as black.” She did not apologize for wearing blackface to make herself look African-American and even called herself “transracial.”

There is no such thing as “transracial” in the context of Rachel Dolezal. Transracial is someone of one race growing up in a household of a different race which is common in adoptive families – Asian daughter with white parents, etc. Transracial is not a white woman who in her twenties “realizes” that she is a black woman then starts identifying as one. You can’t switch race on and off. The audacity of this white woman really. It such an insult to everyone that this white woman is talking about her “blackness.”

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