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Puppy Rescued After Falling Into Boiling Water (VIDEO)

A puppy accidentally fell into boiling water and her body was covered in burns. Animal Aid Unlimited in India was able to save her and her recovery is simply miraculous!

There are still heroes in this world and am so grateful for them. What a wonderful organization.

From YouTube:

We got a call to rescue a street puppy who had accidentally fallen in boiling water and badly burned her legs and entire underside. We do not believe any cruelty was involved in this accident. After rescuing her and bringing her back to Animal Aid, we began the process of removing the burned and dead skin which lasted many days. She was a brave and patient girl throughout her many weeks of treatment, and what joy it was to see her finally healed and ready to play again.

If she hadn’t been rescued, Basanti simply wouldn’t have survived.

Press play to watch the video below.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

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