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Producer Mike Fleiss Drops Some Brand New Clues For The Bachelor 2017

In the past week, producer Mike Fleiss has kept up his end of the promise to drop clues to the identity of The Bachelor 2017. However, the clues are arguably more confusing than ever.

Fleiss followed up his Adele clue last week with a series of brand-new clues over the past seven days. Some of them can be interpreted in a more specific way, while others are just so frustratingly non-specific that it makes one wonder why Fleiss even bothered. I can appreciate that the man is trying to play things close to the vest, but if you really can’t reveal the identity until a certain time, then it doesn’t make sense to promise a clue per day. Hell, it already seems like Fleiss is running out of clues that don’t give the identity away. Case in point, new clue #1:

Seriously, how many people in the history of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette franchise have written that on their application? Hell, I’d be shocked if multiple people on JoJo’s season didn’t write that on their application, since being a hopeless romantic seems to be part of what helps get you a spot on the show in the first place (well, that and having an interesting career, like Evan. Or being a human drama-bomb, like Chad. Or, you know, being super good-looking like whomever your dude of choice happens to be). If I had to guess, this sounds like the type of thing that Luke Pell or Nick Viall would have written on their application, although I wouldn’t necessarily rule out Robby Hayes either. It may not be the most specific clue in history, but at least it’s more helpful than new clue #2:

Is the lack of a clue actually a clue itself? (Yeah, I’m probably overthinking this now.)

Producer Mike Fleiss Drops Some Brand New Clues on The Bachelor 2017

Could the next Bachelor be Chase McNary? (Source: YouTube)

I have no idea what this could mean, but social media is split. Some are saying it’s a reference to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, which would seem to indicate Chase McNary. Others feel Omaha is a reference to Omaha Beach, which would indicate the military, and therefore Luke.

The Beatles had four members, and Luke came in fourth place. Then again, if Nick becomes The Bachelor, this would be his fourth attempt at love on a Bachelor franchise show. So if The Beatles hint is related to the No. 4, rather than any of their music, then it seems like there are at least two solid possibilities here.

Well, what else is new?

For what it’s worth, I think The Bachelor is very likely Luke, and that Fleiss knows as much already. He just seems like the safe choice, and the kind of guy the franchise tends to pick. But it’s more fun to keep fans guessing, I suppose. Personally, I’m Team Nick. The dude has been one of the highlights of Bachelor In Paradise, and he comes across as one of the realest people out there. But I absolutely understand why people wouldn’t want him in the role, since he’s been all over the franchise for three years straight now. I hope we get the announcement soon.

What do you think about the clues? Who should be The Bachelor 2017? Sound off in the comments!

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