‘Pretty Woman’ to be a Broadway Musical

Pretty Woman is coming to Broadway! Director Garry Marshall said that they have obtained the rights to do a stage adaptation of the movie that turned Julia Roberts into a a superstar.

“I had so much fun doing Pretty Woman the first time around that I’m trying it again as a Broadway musical,” said Marshall who is collaborating on the theatrical version with producer Paula Wagner and the author of the original screenplay, J.F. Lawton.

“To see Vivian and Edward brought to life again with music will hopefully be something to cheer about the second time around too,” he added.

So exciting! Pretty Woman was one of my favorite movies when I was young and Julia Roberts is my idol.

Hopefully, it becomes a hit like the movie. Not all transitions from screen to stage and stage to screen are successful.

Success: Aladdin. Fail: Shrek. Success: Sound of Music. Fail: Jersey Boys.


'Pretty Woman' to be a Broadway Musical

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