‘Pretty Woman’ Cast to Reunite on ‘Today’ for 25th Anniversary (VIDEO)

So…apparently Pretty Woman is now 25-years-old. And as we sit here wondering where all that time has gone, Today is going to be staging a major 25th anniversary cast reunion.

Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Hector Elizondo, Laura San Giacomo, and director Garry Marshall will appear on Today next week with Matt Lauer to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film. The interview, which has already been taped, will feature the cast discussing their favorite moments and behind-the-scenes tidbits about the making of the now classic, Oscar-nominated film.

The reunion for the 1990 Cinderella story of a prostitute who wins the heart of a rich businessman (although, really, that’s kind of oversimplifying things) comes just as a different Cinderella story rules the box office, so the timing is nothing if not fortuitous. I can’t say that 25 years has really dulled the enthusiasm people have for the film, since it’s one of the most popular romantic comedies ever, if not one of the most popular movies, period. And it had a fair share of critical success to go along with all the commercial raves: Roberts won a Golden Globe for her role, and the film itself earned nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor for Richard Gere, and Best Supporting Actor for Hector Elizondo. The movie would go on to earn Roberts a Best Actress Oscar nomination, and while she didn’t win, she did end up cementing her star status. So not too shabby for a film that originally wasn’t intended to be a comedy at all.

The reunion will air Tuesday, March 24 on Today, but you can get a sneak peek at the anniversary below:

Pretty Woman 25th Anniversary reunion on Today

Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC

'Pretty Woman' Cast to Reunite on 'Today' for 25th Anniversary (VIDEO)

Credit: Peter Kramer/NBC

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