Pokémon Day 25 Post Malone Concert Announced (VIDEO)


Pokémon and Post Malone join forces for a virtual concert celebrating Pokémon’s 25 years on February 27, 2021. The concert will be aired live on YouTube, Twitch and Pokemon.com/25.

Press play to watch the video below:

Seeing Post Malone as a Pokémon trainer is kinda weird, not going to lie. He looks like a henchman of Giovanni!

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years of Pokémon! Amazing.

Via Press Release

We’re kicking off our yearlong P25 Music program with a virtual concert that only Pokémon and Post Malone could bring you! This massive online party is an exciting opportunity to unite Pokémon and music fans around the world. It’s going to be a wild celebration of Pokémon’s 25 years, with lots of unexpected surprises in store. Make sure you stay tuned at the end of the concert for more thrilling P25 Music announcements!

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