President Obama Won’t Speak at Malia Obama’s HS Graduation Because He’ll Be Crying

President Barack Obama will not be the commencement speaker at the high school graduation of Malia Obama this year.

He told guests at a lunch in Detroit last Wednesday that he’ll be too overcome with emotion. “I’ll just cry and sit there,” he said, reported PEOPLE.

Last week, the president told a crowd in a town hall in Louisiana that he can’t talk about Malia leaving home because it makes him cry.

17-year-old Malia Obama has been looking for universities to attend, but has still not chosen where she will go. I hope she picks a New York City area school!

I’m going to miss this family so much when they leave the White House at the end of this term. So many good things have happened to the United States when President Obama was president and his children grew up so fast. I think I’m crying already!

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