President Obama Will Stay In Washington A Couple More Years Until Sasha Obama Graduates

President Barack Obama said that he and the family will stay a bit longer in Washington, D.C. after his term ends next year. The reason of course is practical: youngest daughter Sasha Obama still needs to graduate from high school.

The president was talking to a group of voters at a local restaurant in Milwaukee on Thursday (via PEOPLE):

“We haven’t figured that out yet,” the president, said when one of the lunch attendees asked where the family would move at the end of his term. “We’re going to have to stay a couple of years so Sasha can finish school. Transferring someone in the middle of high school – tough.”

Source: Getty

Source: Getty

Eldest daughter Malia Obama however night leave the Washington, DC area next year as she will go to college. She’s been looking at campuses in the Northeast and in California, but decision yet. (I hope she goes to one in New York City!)

I’m going to miss this family so much when they leave the White House! So many good things have happened to the country under Obama’s leadership.

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