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Precious Wolf Dog Puppies Pounce Owner With Kisses (VIDEO)

Getting kisses from a puppy is great, but getting kisses from a dozen of them is even better, particularly when they’re as cute and fluffy as these wolf dog pups.

In this video, one lucky woman gets pounced by a pack of wolf dog puppies, swarming her with kisses and pure, unfettered joy. Seriously, it’s as if the woman becomes the puppies’ private jungle gym, with how they’re jumping on her. But it’s positively adorable, just the same. These puppies are as cute as they are excitable, and their eagerness to attack this lady with kisses is a brief reminder of why puppies are basically happiness incarnate (well, at least when they’re not peeing on your rug). Watch the full video below:

Precious Wolf Dog Puppies Pounce Owner With Kisses (VIDEO)

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