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Precious Terrier and Two Puppies Rescued From Streets of L.A. (VIDEO)

When a dog is abandoned, not all hope is lost. Good Samaritans can help turn a potential tragedy into a life-saving, hope-restoring rescue. We see just such a rescue in action on the streets of Los Angeles in this video.

A precious terrier is discovered on the streets of L.A., and after a bit of a chase, the tired dog takes shelter in a trench. From there, little Ava is taken back to the shelter for a bath. With a clean new look, Ava was finally ready to find her forever home. And she wasn’t alone, as two adorable puppies were also rescued that same day. The pups were left in a box and abandoned in a park, but they were thankfully found before anything worse could happen to them. Lulu and Halle were also cleaned up, as the search began for their forever home. These two stories could have turned out a lot worse, but they didn’t, thanks to Hope For Paws, the non-profit animal rescue league. To help Hope For Paws rescue more dogs like Ava, Lulu and Halle, consider donating to their cause. And to see the rescue, watch the video below:

Precious Terrier and Two Puppies Rescued From Streets of L.A. (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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