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Precious Rottweiler Reunited With Owner After Eight Years Apart (VIDEO)

When a dog goes missing for a few days, or even a few weeks or months, hope is all you have. But when your dog is missing for eight years, it can be hard to have any hope at all. But sometimes, miracles can still happen.

In this video, a precious dog is reunited with his original owner in Miami after eight long years apart. When Joshua Edwards lost his rottweiler, Duke, he’d given up on ever finding him again when years passed by without any sight of him. However, Edwards received a call from a pet chip company declaring they found a dog registered to him. Sure enough, it was Duke! Needless to say, when they finally are reunited, tears are shed. Hell, I found myself tearing up when Edwards held Duke for the first time in eight years and remarked, with sadness, “You’re such an old man.” But it was uplifting when Duke started rolling on the floor, and Edwards, with a hint of amazement, declared, “You’re still a goofball!” It’s one of the most emotional reunions we’ve ever seen here. And it’s definitely worth checking out, as long as you’ve got tissues handy. Watch the full video below:

Precious Dog Reunited With Owner After Eight Years Apart (VIDEO)

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