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Precious Rescue Dog Gives Owner Big Hug In Emotional Reunion (VIDEO)

A rescue dog was reunited with his owner, giving the guy a BIG hug to welcome him back. The crazy part? This dog’s owner was only gone for a week. And his other owner was with him the entire time! Of course, when you’re a rescue dog, odds are you’re prone to worry that when someone leaves you, they might not come back. So this dog’s response to his owner’s return isn’t exactly an overreaction in our eyes.

A little backstory: a couple named Mark and Kerrigan adopted a rescue dog named Patch from the Scottish SPCA. When Mark had to go away for a week on business, Patch was utterly despondent, to the point of depression. So Kerrigan made sure to have the camera out when she knew Mark was on his way home, because it was clear this was going to be a reunion that would be pretty damn heartwarming. Seriously, this is downright precious, and evidence that a dog’s love for his owner goes above and beyond what some might expect dogs to be capable of feeling. You can watch the full video below:

Precious Rescue Dog Gives Owner Big Hug In Emotional Reunion (VIDEO)

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