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Precious Puppy Left In McDonald’s Dumpster Earns Super-Sized Rescue (VIDEO)

There are few things as sad as when a person abandons someone who trusted them to be their caretaker. Whether a child, an elderly relative, or even a pet. It’s unconscionable to think that someone would abandon a helpless puppy, but sadly, it happens far too often. That said, not every abandonment has to end in tragedy. Some actually have happy endings.

In this video, a precious chihuahua puppy named Poptart is rescued from a dumpster behind a McDonald’s in Sacramento, California. As it turns out, Poptart was abandoned in the dumpster along with another puppy who, sadly, didn’t make it. Poptart developed a severe mange skin condition which nearly took her life. But the puppy, who weighs only three and a half pounds, was able to hang in there until the Sacramento SPCA was able to swoop in with a super-sized rescue. Little Poptart’s eventual transformation from near death to full health is remarkable to see, and equal parts heartwarming and inspiring. Poptart is adorable, and we can only hope her rejuvenation means a long, happy life ahead. Watch the video below:

Precious Puppy Left In McDonald's Dumpster Earns Super-Sized Rescue (VIDEO)

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