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Precious Puppy Challenges Huge Doberman (VIDEO)

For some dogs, their bark is larger than their bite. After all, not every dog can have nerves of steel. They avoid confrontation through intimidation, because no one will call their bluff. But what about when a big dog comes across a puppy with no fear?

In this adorable video, a precious puppy named Kyra goes toe-to-toe (well, paw-to-paw) with Boss, a huge Doberman, while playing in the family backyard. Boss seems surprised by Kyra’s confrontational demeanor, but appears to develop a certain measure of respect for the little pooch. It’s cute watching their friendship develop, and seeing Kyra’s bravado in action. I love it! Watch the full video below:

Precious Puppy Challenges Huge Doberman (VIDEO)

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