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Precious Puppy and Cheetah Cub Form Adorable Friendship (VIDEO)

You wouldn’t think a puppy and a cheetah cub would get along. Or maybe you would. Hell, stranger things have happened. But it’s rare that cuter things have happened.

In this video, we meet Kumbali and Kago, a cheetah cub and a precious puppy who live at the Metro Richmond Zoo. Naturally, they come from very different backgrounds. Kumbali was hand-raised at the zoo after it was determined that his mother wasn’t producing enough milk to sustain him. Meanwhile, Kago was adopted from a pet rescue organization at 10-weeks-old. Together, they were raised in a zookeeper’s home so they could be closely monitored, before being moved to an outdoor enclosure. Throughout it all, they maintained an easygoing friendship that’s as cute as it is endearing. Watch the video and hear their story below:

Precious Puppy and Cheetah Cub Form Adorable Friendship (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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