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Precious Pit Bull Gets Check-Up From Baby Dentist (VIDEO)

Some people are pretty nervous to go to the dentist. But dogs? Not so much, apparently.

In this adorable video, a precious pit bull plays dentist with a baby, allowing the little guy to give him a check-up. At first sight, an overprotective parent might expect this to go horrifically wrong, but this pit bull is an absolute dream of good behavior. Heck, the lovable pooch even gives the baby a big, wet kiss once the check-up is all finished. If only we could all get health coverage like this. I bet that baby doc didn’t even ask for his insurance info!

Watch the video below:

Source: Adorable baby examines dog’s teeth by peanutbutterpibble on Rumble

Precious Pit Bull Gets Check-Up From Baby Dentist (VIDEO)

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