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Precious Pit Bull Befriends Autistic Girl Who Can’t Speak (PHOTOS)

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, and all sorts of different species too! In this heartwarming slideshow, we meet a pit bull who’s best friends with an autistic girl.

Lacy is a young girl suffering from severe autism that has rendered her non-verbal. She doesn’t speak at all. However, the biggest ray of sunshine in her life is nine-year-old Karma, an 85 lb. red nose pit bull who Lacy’s family adopted at just eight-weeks-old. Although Karma was never trained as therapy dog, the pit bull has an instinctive understanding of Lacy’s wants and needs. This isn’t just what friendship looks like, this is love. This slideshow from their years of friendship together illustrates just how important Lacy and Karma are to one another. Watch the video slideshow below:

Precious Pit Bull Befriends Autistic Girl Who Can't Speak (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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