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Precious Pit Bull and Newborn Puppies Rescued From Streets (VIDEO)

Stray dogs often have to fend for themselves on the street. But the problem multiplies exponentially when the stray dog in question is pregnant. Now, she’s not just fending for herself. She’s got little ones to think about.

In this video, we see a precious pit bull rescued from the streets along with her newborn puppies. Although the dog was hesitant to allow the rescue workers to catch her, neighborhood onlookers helped the workers to catch the dog. Once the mother was secured, the workers turned their attention to the puppies. Of the five that were born, four were still living, as the fifth had sadly died. But the remaining four were taken back to the shelter to bathe them and remove fleas, while the mother was taken for observation — at which point, a new problem is discovered. It’s scary to think of how this story would have turned out without the help of the animal rescue workers from Hope For Paws. Watch the video below:

Precious Pit Bull and Newborn Puppies Rescued From Streets (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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