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Precious Pair of Pitch-Perfect Pooches Play Piano (VIDEO)

Plenty of dogs howl, and even some of them play piano. But have you ever met a dog with perfect pitch? Well, these two dogs are a cut above the rest, listening to a note and then matching its pitch on the piano!

It works like this, according to the video, “First, each dog plays separately. The dog has to find the right key on his keyboard by ear, following the notes played to him.” The description to the video adds, “They find the right keys after listening to notes played to them on a keyboard. At first, each dog plays separately, then both play together, one octave apart.” Playing by ear is a skill that takes some humans a long time to figure out, if they ever figure it out at all. It’s no surprise to learn that dogs have great hearing, but these two Golden Retrievers are something else entirely. Watch the video below:

Precious Pair of Pitch-Perfect Pooches Play Piano (VIDEO)

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