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Precious Koala Just Wants To Cuddle (VIDEO)

Some animals distrust humans, but there are just as many who are all about getting to know humans better. In fact, some love to cuddle too!

In this video, we meet a precious koala who wants nothing more than to just cuddle. Granted, it’s not unprompted, as the woman in this video gives water to the little guy on a hot day. The cuddle is his way of giving thanks to her. Apparently, he was in the woman’s gum tree for two days during a record heatwave, which is why she chose to keep an eye on him. It’s great to know there are people who look out for little creatures like this, and it’s just as heartening to see that they aren’t scared to accept help in return. Watch the video below:

Precious Koala Just Wants To Cuddle (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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