Precious Kid At Minecon 2016 Asks Question We Wish We All Could Answer (VIDEO)

A kid attending Minecraft's Minecon this year asked a really interesting question to his grandmother - 50-year-old LadyM - during her panel.

It's a really great question. Even amazing that at his age he is already aware that not everyone is who they seem on the internet.

Trolling is now normal, accepted and mainstream behavior on the internet thanks to Donald Trump. We live in interesting times indeed.

Press play to watch the video below.

Her repsonse to the question was this:

I actually answered his question and told him that you can't be sure and you have to be careful online and always be open and honest with your parents about who you talk to and never give personal information. I tend to meet a lot of people in gaming and he also meets them thru me and with me.?