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Precious Husky Won’t Let Parents Make Bed (VIDEO)

Love huskies? Well, so do the owners of this precious pooch. And she loves her owners too. So much so that she gets playful — in the most distracting way possible!

Super cute husky Lexi is being stubborn by refusing to allow her parents to make the bed. Naturally, it takes them a while to do so following nights where Lexi has been allowed to sleep in the bed. And now it’s taking even longer with her distractions. Of course, in this video, Lexi is only nine months old, prior to her training to become a service dog. Presumably, she’s mellowed out a lot more now. But this is still the cute kind of playfulness that reminds me of a little kid trying to get her papa to play rather than work. Watch the video below:

Precious Husky Won't Let Parents Make Bed (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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