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Precious Husky Throws Epic Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

Not all dogs like the water, considering how many precious pooches tend to throw a fit whenever bath time rolls around. But some dogs aren’t nearly as picky. In fact, some dogs actually love the water!

In this video, a beautiful husky named Zeus has a temper tantrum when his owner won’t turn on the water in the bathtub. You see, Zeus LOVES playing in the water, and will occasionally go in the bathtub on his own, and wait for the water to be turned on. However, Zeus’s owner won’t turn the water on because it’s time for his walk. This causes Zeus to have a meltdown. And we’re not kidding, as Zeus sounds about ready to flip out. Poor guy. You can watch the full video below:

Precious Husky Throws Epic Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

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