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Precious Husky Says ‘No’ to Going to Kennel (VIDEO)

Some dogs aren’t really about that kennel life. In fact, I’d argue most, if not all, dogs aren’t. But not all dogs can actually voice their frustrations. At least not like this precious husky.

In this video, an adorable husky named Blaze refuses to go into the kennel. The 11-month old husky actually says “No” when his owner tries to get him to come to the kennel! It’s pretty much the equivalent of a dad trying to get his kid out of bed for school in the morning. Or an adult struggling to get up for work on just a couple hours of sleep. Blaze is super cute, but cuteness alone couldn’t save him from a trip to the kennel, unfortunately. I guess that’s the struggle when you have an owner who has to travel. Hang in there, Blaze! Watch the video below:

Precious Husky Says 'No' to Going to Kennel (VIDEO)

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