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Precious Husky Living In Garbage Makes Miraculous Recovery (VIDEO)

Some dogs struggle to survive in harsh, unforgiving environments. This is why rescue leagues such as Hope For Paws are so important.

In this video, we meet a precious husky named Miley, who was found living in garbage. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the Hope For Paws team to spring into action, as Miley is rescued from the nightmarish junkyard, and restored to health. She also makes quick friends with another rescue dog the team had just saved, Frankie the Chihuahua. Ten months later, and Miley looks like a completely different dog — in the best way possible! It’s a moving, heartwarming tale of a dog getting a second chance at the life every dog deserves. Watch the video below:

Precious Husky Living In Garbage Makes Miraculous Recovery (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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