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Precious Husky Gets Autotuned – Listen To Her First Song! (VIDEO)

While dogs may have a habit of howling, it usually isn’t in tune. Granted, you could do a lot with autotune these days, but dogs usually don’t sing. And yet, what if they could?

In this video, we meet Mishka, the super cute talking husky who’s been a viral sensation for virtually her entire adult life, due in large part to her ability to talk by mimicking a wide variety of different words and phrases. Here, Mishka reaches a milestone: she records her very first song! Granted, she needs a bit of help from autotune. It sounds weird at first, but it gets kind of catchy after a while. And hey, you can even purchase the song on iTunes! So yeah, welcome to the Dreamworks movie we’re all living in, apparently. Watch the video below:

Precious Husky Gets Autotuned - Listen To Her First Song! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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