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Precious Husky Begs Owner For Chicken (VIDEO)

One of the worst things you can do is tease a dog when it comes to food, like when owners purposely take forever to set up a dog’s meal. However, some dogs are just plain impatient.

In this video, a precious husky begs his owner for chicken, because the dog feels the owner is taking too long to separate the chicken from the bones. And maybe he is, maybe he’s not, but I do find it kind of impressive that the dog never touches the bones and remains relatively patient. Sure, he growls like motorcycle being revved up, but it’s not like he attacks the bowl before his owner is done preparing the chicken. Ultimately, it’s strangely gratifying to see him finally get to chow down. We can’t all be as cute when we’re hungry, but we can aspire to be this patient, at least. Watch the video below:

Precious Husky Begs Owner For Chicken (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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