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Precious Homeless Pit Bull Rescued from Abandoned Lot (VIDEO)

Although some dogs manage to find homes, not all those home placements work out. Sometimes, a dog can end up abandoned and homeless, fending for herself on the unwelcoming streets.

In this video, we meet a homeless pit bull named Mandi. The precious pooch was roaming the streets alone until she was taken in by the Contreras family, who rescued her from an abandoned lot and built her a shelter. They also fed her and called in the awesome workers from Hope For Paws to help her find a forever home. If you’d like to adopt Mandi, visit Doggie’s 911! And to ensure more rescues like this one, consider donating to Hope For Paws! For now, watch the heartwarming video below:

Precious Homeless Pit Bull Rescued from Abandoned Lot (VIDEO)

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