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Precious German Shepherd Rescued From Los Angeles River (VIDEO)

When a dog is abandoned, the story frequently ends in tragedy if rescuers don’t get to the dog in time. However, there are good people out there, and when they work together, amazing things can happen.

In this video, we see the story of a precious German Shepherd named Biggie who is trapped in a canal of the Los Angeles river. The local community had taken to feeding Biggie from afar, but no one could get to him, since there was no apparent way in or out of the canal. To make matters worse, the location was fenced off and separated by a twenty-foot drop. Luckily, Hope For Paws was called in. With the help of equipment donated by the community, the team was able to get down to Biggie. But would they earn his trust? Or would it be an uphill battle saving this dog’s life? Watch the emotional video below:

Precious German Shepherd Rescued From Los Angeles River (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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