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Precious Feasting Puppies Form World’s Cutest Pinwheel (VIDEO)

When it’s feeding time and there’s only one bowl, you can count on puppies to do one thing: form a pinwheel around the bowl to try and get at the food inside. But some pinwheels are cuter than others.

In this video, a precious collection of doberman puppies form the world’s cutest pinwheel when their owners call them out for feeding time. Apparently, they eat like this all the time, crowding around the bowl and moving in a circle. I’m kind of surprised by how quickly they’re moving, as this really does move like a pinwheel caught in a breeze. It’s positively adorable though, and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a way to brighten your Hump Day. Watch the full video below:

Precious Feasting Puppies Form World's Cutest Pinwheel (VIDEO)

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