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Precious English Bulldog Puppy Loves His New Bed (VIDEO)

A good sleep is one of the joys of living, and the more comfy the bed, the better. Everyone deserves a comfortable bed, whether human or animal. Luckily for this precious English Bulldog puppy, a new bed has arrived. And it’s even cozier than the old one!

Chunk is a 4-month-old English Bulldog puppy, and his owner just bought him a brand new Memory Foam bed! Needless to say, Chunk is living the high life. Seriously, there are some people who don’t even get a bed this cozy. Of course, Chunk is endlessly appreciative of his owner’s new purchase, judging by his reaction. From the looks of it, Chunk absolutely loves his new bed, and goes crazy testing it out. It’s cute as hell, and even when he’s just sitting still and staring at his owner, Chunk is totally adorable. Watch the video below:

Precious English Bulldog Puppy Loves His New Bed (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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