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Precious Dog With 46-Pound Tumor Gets Life-Saving Surgery (VIDEO)

Some dogs have it harder than others, although it’s hard to imagine having it any harder than having to carry around a tumor that’s the size of a human child. In this video, an abandoned dog with a 46-pound tumor received the life-saving surgery he desperately needed, proving that even in the darkest moments, not all hope is lost.

Animal Control Officer Valerie Schomberg found this precious dog abandoned on a California beach, and was stunned by the pup’s tragic condition. The dog, now named Henry, needed emergency surgery, so Schomberg sprung into action. She raised the $500 necessary to have the surgery, and…well, see the amazing recovery for yourself! Watch the video below:

Precious Dog With 46-Pound Tumor Gets Life-Saving Surgery (VIDEO)

Source: Twitter

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