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Precious Dog Tied Up In Texas Flood Rescued Just In Time (VIDEO)

It’s not uncommon for a dog to be tied to a post outside. However, it’s far from common for a dog to be left in that position when it starts flooding.

When citizens in Texas had to evacuate due to high water from the Brazos River, some family pets were left behind, whether out of fear, haste, carelessness, or the truly mistaken belief that their animals and home would be just fine. This kind of thinking could have ended in tragedy, if not for the work of some brave rescuers. As we see in this video, one dog tied up during the flood might have drowned had he not been rescued just in time. The dog was taken to safety at a local animal shelter. No word on what became of the owners, but hopefully this was just a mistake on their part, and not careless cruelty. But if it was, here’s hoping the precious pooch finds a better, more loving home. Watch the video below:

Precious Dog Tied Up In Texas Flood Rescued Just In Time (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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