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Precious Dog Shows What It’s Like To Come Home To A Husky (VIDEO)

If you either have or have had a dog, then you know what it’s like to come home to one. There’s excitement, joy, relief, whining, wanting, and all sorts of different, enthusiastic responses. But what is it like to come home to a husky?

In this video, a precious dog named Gohan shows just what it’s like to come home to a Siberian Husky. Needless to say, Gohan is one of the cutest huskies we’ve seen, and his wide range of responses to his owner’s return are both adorable and amusing. There’s nothing quite like the friendship that a dog provides, and this video shows that Gohan has himself a good friend for an owner, every bit as much as his owner has a good friend for a dog. Watch the video below:

Precious Dog Shows What It's Like To Come Home To A Husky (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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