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Precious Dog Reunited With Owner After Three Years (VIDEO)

We’ve been doing a lot of dog reunion videos here lately, and I have to admit, it’s because I’m an absolute sucker for the emotional reaction from both a dog and his/her human when they’re brought back together after a long absence. This following video is every bit as heartwarming, if not more so. I swear, it’s too early into the day for my lower lip to be quivering, but here I am, covered in goosebumps.

In this video, a precious dog goes downright crazy when being reunited with his owner after three long years apart. That moment of recognition, the hug, and all the rolling around on the floor is…well, I’m not even sure how to describe it. The dog is just so excited that he becomes difficult to restrain, as would be expected when a dog is unexpectedly reunited with his best friend after three years. It’s a striking, memorable video that’s likely to stick with me throughout most of the day. And perhaps it’ll stick with you. Watch the full video below:

Precious Dog Reunited With Owner After Three Years (VIDEO)

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