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Precious Dog Goes Swimming With Dolphins – So Cute! (VIDEO)

Some dogs hate the water, but there are others who just plain love to swim. And we can’t blame them! Swimming is fun! Especially when you get to go swimming with new friends.

In this video, we meet a precious little dog named Kira, who goes swimming with dolphins. The video description lists Kira as “an ordinary dog with extraordinary habits,” and the video pretty much bears that out, as she dives in for a swim with some dolphins. It’s exactly as cute as you’d probably think it would be, as Kira looks to be having the time of her life. She’s just such a sweetie. The video was filmed four years ago, and I find myself wondering if Kira has been back to swim with the dolphins since. Here’s hoping! Watch the video below:

Precious Dog Goes Swimming With Dolphins - So Cute! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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