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Precious Corgi Teaches Puppy Friend How To Sit – So Adorable! (VIDEO)

What happens when a Corgi teaches his friend how to sit down? Something adorable and precious!

Zeus the Corgi is all about imparting wisdom, as evidenced by this video in which he tries to teach a friend the joys of using your butt to relax. Of course, it could just be a bit of an etiquette class thing, as Zeus tries to teach his fellow pooch how to sit like a proper gentleman. No matter what the reason, this is almost too cute for words. I think Corgis are the most magically adorable breed of dogs in existence, right up there with Beagles, Basset Hounds, Dachshunds and Vizslas, so seeing a Corgi do something cute isn’t exactly a huge surprise. But I just love seeing dogs interact with one another in different and interesting ways. You can watch the full video below:

Precious Corgi Teaches Friend How To Sit - So Adorable! (VIDEO)

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