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Precious Corgi Puppy Doesn’t Understand Mirrors (VIDEO)

What happens when a corgi puppy spots himself in the mirror? Well, it appears the old adage is true: a dog that sees its own reflection tends to think the reflection is another dog altogether.

But then, maybe not. This precious corgi puppy spots himself in the mirror, and rather than instantly view the reflection as a different dog entirely, the pooch seems puzzled by how he can be in two places at once. Maybe I’m just misreading the footage, but it looks like the corgi is trying to figure out how to interact with himself. But maybe that’s the same thing as assuming the reflection is an entirely different dog. Sorry, now I’m talking in circles. Cuteness overload has a way of doing that to me, honestly. Maybe you’ll fare better. Watch the adorable video below:

Source: Corgi puppy doesn’t understand mirrors by AlannaMatty on Rumble

Precious Corgi Puppy Doesn't Understand Mirrors (VIDEO)

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