Precious Bulldog Puppy Throws Temper Tantrum At Mother (VIDEO)

Sometimes, kids can get lippy. Not saying it's right for a kid to grill his parent. But hey, it happens. And, apparently, the same thing can happen with puppies.

In this video, we meet Elvis the Bulldog Puppy, who reads his mom the Riot Act. No, seriously. Elvis throws a total temper tantrum. As it turns out, Elvis was an "only puppy" who was born with a cleft lip and a permanent sneer. But, as the video description states, "What he lacked in physical perfection, he made up for in personality." Elvis was eventually adopted by a veterinary technician, so he ended up in good hands. But even considering how cute he is, it seems clear this precious little guy would be a bit of a handful for anyone lucky enough to have him. Watch the video below:

Precious Bulldog Puppy Throws Temper Tantrum At Mother (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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