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Precious Bulldog Puppy Kisses Baby (VIDEO)

A child and a dog usually make fast friends. It can be the kind of relationship that can last longer than many human partnerships. But babies and puppies make fast friends as well. In fact, you could argue babies and puppies bond even quicker, since they’re both discovering their world together.

However, in this video, that isn’t really the case. Sure, the bulldog puppy and this baby might become friends as they get older, but man, the baby was not having any of it. With that said, the puppy didn’t appear to be hurting the baby at all. If anything, she seemed confused by what on Earth this weird lump of fur was doing licking her face and nibbling on her fingers. Maybe she’s a cat person? Watch the video here:

Precious Bulldog Puppy Kisses Baby (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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