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Precious Bulldog Puppy Can’t Stop Kissing Owner (VIDEO)

Dogs are an affectionate lot. Puppies can be especially clingy, considering their youth and the immediacy of their attachment to the owner. But the puppy in this video is particularly affectionate, as all these sloppy kisses demonstrate!

This precious bulldog puppy loves to give kisses, and it’s exactly as cute as you’d probably expect it to be. Seriously, this little cutie just won’t let his owner turn his face away. In fact, the pup straight up turns his owner’s face back to meet his, just so he can continue giving (and receiving) kisses. I love seeing the affection between a dog and his owner, and this is no different. All the kisses for this pup! Watch the video below:

Precious Bulldog Puppy Can't Stop Kissing Owner (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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