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Precious Boxer Puppy Practices His Howling (VIDEO)

Dogs howl. It’s just what they do. But it isn’t always cute, not that it’s really intended to be anyway. It’s just another way for dogs to communicate and express themselves. With that said, when a dog learns how to howl, it can be downright adorable.

In this video, we meet a precious boxer puppy named Tobias. As it turns out, Tobias is just three-weeks-old and learning how to howl. So his mama helps him out by getting him to practice his howling. And, well, what you see is what you get. But what you get is one incredibly cute dog. Seriously, Tobias really has to be seen to be believed. His cuteness borders on the ridiculous — in the best possible way! Watch the video below:

Precious Boxer Puppy Practices His Howling (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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