Precious Boxer Dog Welcomes Soldier Back Home (VIDEO)

Naturally, families missed loved ones in the armed forces, and are overjoyed to see them return home safely. But among the most excited to see a loved one return home from active duty is a soldier's dog, as evidenced by any number of "welcome home" videos posted online since YouTube first burst onto the scene. With this precious boxer dog welcoming home a soldier, we can add another heartwarming video to the collection.

In this video, we meet Chuck, a boxer dog who is understandably excited to see his owner come home for the first time in eight months. This isn't the first time Chuck has gone through the anxiety of being without his loved one, as they went through this same thing the year prior. The video, filmed four years ago, is a cute, heartwarming homecoming, and it illustrates the depths of the bond between a dog and his owner. I love boxers! Watch the video below:

Precious Boxer Dog Welcomes Soldier Back Home (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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