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Precious Boxer Dog Responds To Cries of Newborn Baby (VIDEO)

For many households, dogs are protectors. In fact, some dogs take that responsibility to heart, to such an extent that they tend to dote on the more vulnerable humans under their care. Case in point, a precious boxer dog responding to the cries of a newborn baby with both curiosity and concern.

In this video, a boxer dog is worried by the sounds coming out of the newborn baby daughter his parents have just brought back from the hospital. The couple wasn’t sure how the dog would respond to the newborn baby. Would she be jealous or protective? Upset or eager? It didn’t take long for the couple to discover the answer, as this dog keeps the baby girl company, albeit in exchange for treats (according to the video description). But hey, if you do a good job, you deserve fair pay, whether you’re a human or a dog! Watch the video below:

Precious Boxer Dog Responds To Cries of Newborn Baby (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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