Precious Boxer Dog Argues With Owner About Bed Time (VIDEO)

Do you remember being a kid and refusing to go to bed? Do you remember the arguments you'd have with mom or dad about reading just one more story, or watching just one more episode of some TV show, or playing just ten more minutes on the Super Nintendo? Well, could you imagine if, instead of mom and dad, you had to have that sort of argument with your dog?

In this video, a precious boxer named Amber argues with her owner about bed time. Except, she isn't arguing to stay awake, she's actually arguing to go to bed! Amber's owner is on the computer, and while Amber initially seems a bit patient, she gets pretty antsy to just turn in for the night, already. But her owner isn't having it, which only upsets Amber more. Maybe she just wants bed time cuddles? Either way, the poor dog looks tired! Let her sleep! Here's hoping Amber got to snuggle up in bed sooner rather than later. Watch the video below:

Precious Boxer Dog Argues With Owner About Bed Time (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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