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‘Power Rangers’ Fan Film Producer Releases ‘James Bond’ Animated Film (VIDEO)

Adi Shankar doesn’t give a damn about copyright issues.

The producer behind the controversial Power Rangers fan film, which ended up getting pulled from YouTube due to copyright claims by Saban Entertainment, has now released a James Bond animated fan film. Titled James Bond: In Service Of Nothing, the film uses Sean Connery’s likeness, because apparently Shankar is a man who’s desperate to face lawyers in a court of law. On the one hand, Shankar believes he’s giving people what they want in a changing marketplace with his films, and that he has a First Amendment right to release these films. On the other hand, isn’t the First Amendment mostly in place to keep the government from imprisoning you for your opinions? I don’t really think a James Bond fan film using an actor’s likeness without his permission is the same thing as protesting anti-gay legislation or a war. It’d be one thing if these films were not-for-profit, but it seems clear that Shankar views this as a new business venture. One for which he’d like to someday be compensated.

“There is a changing of the guard, and we need to stop pretending that the people in the digital filmmaking are not credible because the audience is gravitating away from us and to them,” Shankar said in an interview with Deadline. “You must be fearless, but the vast majority of decisions in this industry are fear-based. The fact is that more people saw Jerry Purpdrank and Britney Furlan on Vine this weekend than saw Will Smith in Focus. It’s not a knock on Will Smith, it’s a commentary on what’s happening in entertainment.”

Whether you agree or disagree with Shankar or his methods, he does have a knack for tapping into popular culture with his films and delivering things his audience might not have realized they wanted. A gritty Power Rangers? Sure! An animated James Bond? Here ya go! It makes me wonder what he could possibly have up his sleeve next.

James Bond: In Service of Nothing is directed by pre-visualization artist Tyler Gibb, voiced by volunteers, and animated using an animation collective. If nothing else, it’s a unique take on James Bond, even if it isn’t exactly what I’d call great or anything (although I don’t think it’s bad either). But you can judge for yourself by watching the film below before it gets taken down:

'Power Rangers' Fan Film Producer Releases 'James Bond' Animated Film (VIDEO)

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