The Flash official trailer released featuring Batman, Zod and Supergirl


The official trailer for “The Flash” movie starring Ezra Miller has been released. The movie, which still has links to the DCU’s Snyder Universe or Snyderverse, features two Batmans: Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Michael Keaton as Batman (in the suit). It also has Zod from the Superman movie starring Henry Cavill and Supergirl, now being introduced.

This movie actually fits perfectly with the “new” DCU being helmed by James Gunn. The Flash, as it is in the comics, can travel through the multiverse. So even if this character is from the Snyderverse, anything goes in the multiverse, and anything that happens can all be part of “continuity”.

Press play to watch the video below.

It’s really just unfortunate that Ezra Miller has turned into a walking bad PR machine for DC. But thankfully, since it is the multiverse, this can (and I expect will) be the last time we see him as The Flash.

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