Tesla autopilot crashes into child dummy (video)


Tesla, Inc. is trying to remove videos of its cars running into child mannequins in the middle of a crosswalk.

The Tesla cars were on “autopilot” and repeatedly mowed down the crash dummies.

It looks like the software on the Tesla does not have a feature for stopping for pedestrians under any conditions. “Some objects” maybe it will stop for, but definitely not for people.

Tesla runs over child test dummy

Tesla runs over child test dummy

Furthermore, the “autopilot” software will turn off split seconds before an imminent crash – so it knows what is happening. (Liability issues first before safety, of course).

Here are two videos of tests done independently by Luminar Tech (a Tesla autopilot competitor) and the Dawn Project (a software safety advocacy group).

Press play to watch the videos below.


So are you still buying or leasing a Tesla if you can afford it?

Of course!

Just never pay for or use the $45,000 Autopilot feature for your safety and others.

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