Shiba inu and fennec fox are the perfect type (video)


A Shiba Inu dog and a Fennec Fox are literally “a quick brown fox jumps over the lazy doge” in this adorable video.

However, as cute as this is, don’t try this at home please. Even if you can own a Fennec Fox as an exotic pet in the United States, it is a wild animal and not domesticated.

Plus the pups are taken from their mother in the wild in North Africa where they are from. It’s horrible.

Press play to watch the video below.

Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy doge

Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy doge

Shiba inus are also hard to train and have a mind of their own. I don’t think you can actually train Shibas. They need to be on-leash literally everywhere or keep fenced in like a fenced dog park.

Again, getting back to this. As adorable as it is, this is really a high-maintenance situation and not as adorable as it seems situation. LOL. My god, I’m bad.

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