Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime Show (video)


Rihanna is pregnant!

Rihanna headlined the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show many are calling the Fenti Bowl on February 12, 2023. At the opening, she seemed to let everyone know that she was pregnant with her second child, briefly holding her baby bump. My god. Such a queen! I love her so much.

She teased about a “special guest” for her set in an interview leading up to the performance. “I’m thinking of bringing someone,” she said. Looks like she was talking about her unborn child (since none of her previous collaborators like Jay-Z or Drake showed up on stage).

Watching this, it really felt like witnessing Prince roll out his massive catalogue. Rihanna just had hit after hit after hit after hit. Simply amazing.

Press play to watch the video below.

The setlist:

“B— Better Have My Money”

“Where Have You Been?”

“Only Girl in the World”

“We Found Love”

“Rude Boy”


“Wild Thoughts”

“Pour It Up”

“All of the Lights”

“Run This Town”



This is one of the best Super Bowl Halftime Shows ever! Just perfect!

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